What my clients are saying...

  • 5 stars


    After my husband died several years ago, I decided that I needed to get my house in order and start downsizing, I do not want my children dealing with a lot of loose ends. Part of my downsizing was to sell a number of parcels on the non-ferried island where my husband and I have lived for 50 years, and he owned several parcels of undeveloped property.

    This is a whole different ballgame than selling a parcel of property that has been developed.

    I knew I wanted a real estate agent that I could work with, one that would really take the time to walk my properties and see the value and vision that I could see for someone else.

    Arlene Frank more than was a perfect fit for my needs, she spent countless hours walking, researching, and talking to me about the history of these parcels before she decided she could feel comfortable being my real estate agent. Arlene is honest, ethical, and has such moral integrity, you know she is looking out for your best interests and she works very hard for her clients. She keeps you informed, and makes the whole process from start to finish a good experience. I plan on having her sell several other properties for me.

  • 5 stars


    I can offer the highest compliments to Arlene Frank. What I’d offer to her insights is: one — a quick willingness to coordinate our plan in support of my asking price, which could be surely defined as on the outside any known sale on the island. And two — support. The complicated reality of coordinating the complexity of a move that suggests 25 years of working in a remote island environment that has limited accessibility.

    Getting off and on the island is a move that is rife with complications — like barging, on-island traffic, cartonage, prep and coordination. We set a plan by her measure and built all of our house preparation and evacuation planning around that presumption. She led. I followed. It worked. Grateful, thank you.

  • 5 stars


    Arlene is wonderful. She shepherded the process along in a timely and professional manner. She has been a wonderful host on Decatur and is helping us connect with the community. We would highly recommend Arlene.

  • 5 stars


    Arlene combines keen insight and advice with a pragmatic, hands-on approach. This was exactly what we needed in trying to coordinate the sale of our second home from a distant location. She was an excellent communicator, listing carefully to our needs and providing helpful guidance along the way. I would highly recommend Arlene Frank to anyone looking to sell or buy a home!

  • 5 stars


    Arlene, thank you for an excellent job of shepherding my lot on Decatur Island. I was impressed early on with your professionalism and great communication skills… and still am. It was a pleasure working with you, receiving your counsel and closing the deal. I look forward to working again with you on my other lot when the time is right.

  • 5 stars


    Arlene was so helpful in getting my home on the market in warp speed. She worked tirelessly to get all the details right and to correct and troubleshoot all the small details one never thinks of. She brought to the fore services available to her clients on this remote island that no other broker could, which made for a very smooth and seamless experience. She is an attentive listener and advised appropriately. She was responsible for me getting full price without contingencies. What a marvelous hand-holder. I can enthusiastically recommend her as a broker and she remains a personal friend after the sale.

  • 5 stars


    Arlene Frank was wonderful to work with. She is extremely nice, very relatable and genuinely cares about her clients. Arlene was understanding with our requests and always answered our questions with respect and a gracious attitude. Arlene made the daunting amount of paperwork easy to get through with clear explanations and kind encouragement. I highly recommend Arlene and hope to work with her again.

  • 5 stars


    I engaged Arlene Frank to sell my Decatur Island home in November 2021 and could not have been more pleased by her incredible real estate services and the outcome. The staging and property listing were professional and creative and resulted in multiple offers within a week. The entire process from initial meeting to closing was smooth and efficient. Arlene's knowledge of the market, her professionalism and responsiveness, and most importantly her results are outstanding. Arlene goes "above and beyond" and I can offer my absolute highest recommendation.